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Automation Systems

With regards to the Industrial Automation Systems MOTION Hellas is providing:


  • Industrial Automation (SCADA, PLC, telemetry systems, measurements systems etc)

  • Building Management Systems (BMS)

  • Environmental an Energy Management Systems

  • Telematics and Fleet Management (AVL)


MOTION Hellas provides Telemetry Solutions offering the following functionalities:

  • Monitoring

  • Measuring

  • Control 

  • Supervision

  • Data Acquisition


MOTION Hellas offers Integrated Manufacturing & Automation products and services specifically tailored for industry. It combines factory floor data with the business information systems in an integrated information architecture capable of meeting your broader plant requirements and closing the information gap between production systems and business applications.


MOTION Hellas offers:


  • SCADA Systems (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition)

  • Shop floor monitoring and control systems (PDA, Bar Code readers, sensors, PLCs etc)

  • CNC and CAM Applications.

  • MRP II – Manufacturing Resource Planning Systems 

  • ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning Systems and

  • CAQ – Computer Aided Quality Systems


MOTION Hellas has executed a large number of Industrial Automation Systems for different industrial sectors such as:


  • Electronics and Assembling industry                                                                                       

  • Plastics                            

  • Metal Processing             

  • Textile                              

  • Drugs and Cosmetics      

  • Chemical                         

  • Wood production

  • Automotive assembly and part production

  • Waste and Recycling Industry,

  • Petroleum and Automotive industry,

  • Telecoms and Cigarette Industry


MOTION Hellas is a specialised supplier of Building Control Systems (BMS). MOTION Hellas can provide solutions from simple on-off control to fully Integrated Systems. Within our organisation, specialists can elaborate tailor made solutions by using innovative technology.


A large number of companies put their trust in MOTION Hellas, identifying that, irrespective of the size of the building, MOTION offers competent advice, working in partnership with building management system engineers. In recognition of the electronic aspects of an Intelligent Building, we can divide the operation into four categories:


  • Energy efficiency

  • Lifesafety systems

  • Telecommunications systems

  • Workplace automation


By using the BMS systems you can automatically monitor and control the following subsystems:


  • Chillers, boilers, air condition

  • PLCs, energy meters

  • Fire and intruder detection

  • Energy, Lighting, Access Control and many others



The BMS systems can be integrated in the following type of Buildings:


  • Office Buildings

  • Hotels 

  • Hospitals 

  • Homes

  • Industries


The above integrated BMS systems are comprehensive, flexible control based solutions for the economical operation of Buildings with the objective of offering the maximum amount of energy management, lifestyle and comfort in all rooms (TV, Lighting, Security, Access etc).Several strategies used to reduce energy consumption in Intelligent Buildings are:


  • Programmed start/stop

  • Optimal start/stop

  • Duty cycling

  • Setpoint reset

  • Electric demand limiting

  • Adaptive control

  • Chiller optimization

  • Boiler optimization

  • Optimal energy sourcing


Intelligence with respect to life safety in a smart building consists of the use of high technology to maximize the performance of a fire alarm and security systems while at time minimizing costs. Life safety factors involved in smart buildings are:


  • Reduced manpower dependence

  • Closed circuit television

  • Card access control

  • Smoke detection

  • Intrusion alarms

  • Emergency control of elevators, HVAC systems, doors etc

  • UPS


MOTION Hellas has executed a large number of BMS systems, in different type of Buildings, such as:


  • Buildings for Telecommunication companies (COSMOTE, LANNET, Q-Telecom etc)

  • Offices (Phone Market, NETMED, etc)

  • Universities (National Technical University of Athens)

  • Industries

  • MBT Plants


MOTION Hellas in the fields of Environmental Protection and Management provides specialized services for automation systems in the following topics:


  • Solid Waste Management Systems

  • Restoration of landfill sites

  • Water supply projects,

  • Sewerage systems projects,

  • Waste water treatment and disposal projects

  • Energy supply projects,

  • Biogas supply projects


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