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Thermal Exploitation of Refused Derived Fuel TE-RDF (12CHN073)


The project addresses the energy exploitation of Refused Derived Fuel (RDF). Based on the characterization of Greek and Chinese RDF, its potential thermal exploitation in industrial sectors will be investigated. MDI, Cement and power production will be examined, based on specification of each sector and RDF characteristics. This alternative fuel is cost efficient with lower CO2 emissions, due to its biogenic fraction. CFB gasification will be investigated as a method of fuel upgrade. The CFB gasification is a promising solution for solid fuels upgrading and an efficient technology to produce syngas that can meet challenging environmental limits.

Within TE-RDF project, the experimental campaign for the Greek RDF will be realised in WATT's CFB gasifier. The respective tests for the Chinese RDF will be conducted in the fixed bed gasifier of GIEC and the CFB gasifier of Yantai. MOTION will assist in performing the gasification experiments at WATT’s CFB and will contribute to the optimization of the gasifier configuration. CERTH will undertake the monitoring of the facility operation and the process simulation and optimization and the characterisation of solid samples. Emphasis will be given on obtaining representative results for the RDF quality in each country. Due to fluctuations in RDF quality, the gasification tests should incorporate adequate fuel quantities for long term testing. GIEC will investigate the feasibility of fossil fuel substitution in industrial kilns or boilers with RDF syngas. Shanghai Jiao Tong will investigate the catalyst use in the gasification process.

The gasification modeling will better facilitate the process scale-up and reactor.optimization. Finally, techno-economic and environmental assessment of RDF utilization will be carried out. Industrial sectors that can use RDF or RDF syngas will be identified in Greece and China and an end-user handbook that will include all necessary techno-economic indices for the energy exploitation of RDF will be prepared and issued.

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