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CWS.Net System

MOTION Hellas has developed an innovative and user friendly management system for Cleaning and Solid Waste management services CWS.Net System. Besides the traditional services of manual and mechanical sweeping, collection, transfer and transportation, and final disposal, the system allows the simulation of scenarios and facilitates the easy calculation of the annual costs per service, based on information provided by the user and analyzes the following services:


  • Collection of containers and green waste

  • Treatment system: incineration, composting and recycling

  • Any additional service defined by the user


The CWS.Net system has the following main features:


  • Data gathering and reporting procedures

  • A generic waste plan to provide a model for developing venue waste management plans

  • Schedule activities and reminders for any activity including pickups, shipments, inspections and audits

  • Quality Inspection procedures

  • General historical, summary and list reports

  • Inventory tracking of containers

  • GIS Rout Planning

  • Track history

  • Container and Inventory reports


and includes the latest software and automation procedures on the fields of:


  • Internet applications

  • PDA technologies

  • GPS system and GSM communication protocols

  • SPC and reporting tools


The System has already successfully operating for:


  • The Olympic and Paraolympic Games 2004 in the category of Cleaning, Removal and Environmentally Sustainable Waste Management Services by the Athens Organizing Committee (ATHOC).

  • The Waste Management Services for El Venizelos Airport

  • The Waste Management Services for Recycling Materials in Cyprus

  • The Medical Waste Management Services for APOTEFROTIRAS SA

  • The Medical Waste Management Services for Sterilization S.A.

  • The Tyres Waste Management Services for ECOELASTIKA SA

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