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Edadym S.A.



Project: Supervisory Information Management System for the Waste Operation in West Mecedonia


Client: Edadym S.A.

Start of Operation: 2017

MOTION Hellas offered the instrumentation design, software development, planning, implementation, testing, commissioning and maintenance of the Supervisory Information management system for the Waste Management System in West Macedonia which includes:

  • Solid Waste Treatment Unit (MBT)

  • Sanitary Landfill Site

  • Transhipment, Treatment and Temporary Storage of Non-Dangerous Solid Waste and Recyclable Materials (10 sites)


The Supervisory Information Management System includes the following modules


  • The Computerized Management System OPUS CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System). The software encompasses all facets of facilities management, from managing work orders and requests to preventative maintenance, purchasing and inventory control, cost tracking and powerful reporting features, all accessible from any device with an Internet connection. Based on maintenance strategy, OPUS CMMS software is one of many factors to increase reliability maintenance, identify machine history, and also track inventory with life report

  • The Inbound and Outbound Vehicle Management System which is a Management and Recording Integrated System for the MSW or Waste collected by Recyclers and for the products derived from the separation process in a MBT Plant, Recycling Sorting Stations and Transshipment Stations (10 sites)

  • The Waste Information Planning System which is a comprehensive software and hardware package for real time Monitoring, supervision and process planning of the Mechanical and Biological Waste Treatment Process (MBT Plant), WWTP and Transshipment, Treatment and Temporary Storage of Non-Dangerous Solid Waste and Recyclable Materials (10 sites)

  • Software for management and reporting of the Environmental Data. The system supports the ISO 14000 procedures

  • Web Application System for monitoring and management of the Complaints. The system runs under the web in order for everyone involved to have access to it, i.e. producers, ministry, company.

  • The MBT-OMS & ISS SCADA System in order to:

  • monitor and control the operation of basic functions such as starting-up the installation, closing down the process, confirming emergency switch-off operations and restarting, etc.

  • supervise critical parameters, if this is not performed by means of locally installed systems

  • display the process on a flow diagram, especially:

    • warn against any approaching critical situations

    • disconnect and shut down in a safe manner parts of the installation in case of such critical situations

  • show and control the following information:

    • configuration of system and state of communications

    • current alarms, as well as list of previous alarms and events

    • instructions for rectifying errors in the facility

    • mimic diagrams

    • graphs

  • Management, i.e. activation and deactivation of the whole as well as particular parts of the facility.

  • documenting the operations of the installation

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