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Production Management Systems

MOTION Hellas offers Integrated Manufacturing & Automation products and services specifically designed for industry.


MOTION Hellas supports its clients in identification of their requirements and in the selection, planning, implementation and testing of CIM, ERPs and SCADA systems. Together with its software and hardware associates, the company works through specifications analysis, architecture design and implementation management, in order to provide integrated solutions.


MOTION Hellas has long experience on developing custom Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems such as:


  • Design and Development of new products and methods (CAD/CAE/CAM,CAPP)

  • Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems

  • Industrial Automation Systems (SCADA),

  • Material Requirement Planning (MRPII) and Capacity Planning Systems

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems

  • Quality Assurance and Inspection Systems

  • Computer Aided Quality Systems

  • Statistical Quality Control Systems (SQC)

  • Maintenance Management CMMS


MOTION Hellas offers, apart from Computer Integrated Software Systems, consulting services relating to:


  • Restructuring of production processes

  • Identification of production stages that would justify investments in automation

  • Extensive analysis of alternative solutions

  • Choice of relevant technologies as well the basic necessary equipment

  • Application analysis in cooperation with the client

  • Personnel training for fast and effective absorption of new technologies

  • Quality Inspection and Management systems


MOTION Hellas has participation in several projects in the area of Integrated Manufacturing Operations, in different Industrial Sectors, such as:


  • Electronics and Assembling industry

  • Plastics                            

  • Metal Processing             

  • Textile                              

  • Drugs and Cosmetics      

  • Chemical                         

  • Wood production

  • Automotive assembly and part production

  • Waste and Recycling Industry,

  • Petroleum and Automotive industry,

  • Telecoms and Cigarette Industry

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