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The WBManager Inbound and Outbound Vehicle Management System at ΜΒΤ plants, Landfills and Materials’ Recycling Plants is a Management and Recording Integrated System for the Waste collected by Recyclers and for the products derived from the separation process at a MBT Plant, which involves installation of:

  • Management and Reporting System of Incoming Materials and Outgoing Products

  •  Manufactured Products’ Management System from Processing Flows

  • On-Line Connection System with the Weighbridge.

  • Vehicle Recognition System Using RFID Reader

  • Photography System for Front and Rear Side of the Vehicle (Plate)

  • Interconnection System Between Stations and Company’s Central Offices, with the possibility of On-Line Process Monitoring and control

  • Reporting and Statistical Data System


The System is already successfully operating in MBT Plants such as: MBT Larnaka Cyprus, MBT Mariscina Croatia, MBT Kastijun Croatia, MBT Sofia Bulgaria, EMAK Ano Liosia and Recycling industries (EPANA Koropi and Fili) and Landfill sites (Municipality of Ano Liosia, Municipality of Thessaloniki, Municipality of Pafos Cyprus etc)



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