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Osnabrueck (Germany)



Municipal Solid Waste Treatment Plant in OSNABRUEK Germany (MBT Mechanical and Biological treatment HERHOF RECYCLING OSNABRUEK GMBH)


Capacity: 100.000 t/y

Start of operation: February 2006
Client: Helector



Project: MBT Supevision System 


Design, development, planning, implementation, testing and commissioning of a Supervisory Conbtrol System (MIS system) for the MBT plant in order to:


  • provide Technical and Commercial Information from the Mechanical and Biological treatment (MBT)

  • implement irreproachable processes for the on line and real time monitoring of the Process, the required information and measurements

  • support the Quality Control and Quality Assurance system for the MBT process

  • real time monitor the basic and critical parameters from the Mechanical and Biological treatment in the Daily Process Control and Document system

  • gather data from the MBT process in order to create database functions with the functionality for SPC (Statistical Process Control) of the stored data

  • provide a MIS software package for management services, Quality Control and Data Analysis

  • create Documentation and Reporting of the process parameters

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