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Herakleio (Greece)



WWTP Herakleio, Crete


Start of operation: 2014

Client: Mesogeos



Project: WWTP Supevision System

Design, development, planning, implementation, testing and commissioning of a Supervisory system (SCADA system) for the WWTP in Herakleio, Crete.


MOTION Hellas offered the instrumentation design, software development, planning, implementation, testing and commissioning of the Supervisory Automation Control and Data Acquisition system (SCADA system) for the WWTP. More specifically the SCADA system monitors and control the following:


  • Transformer Station and Power Generator

  • Collection tank

  • Pretreatment phase

  • Bioreactors

  • MBR tanks

  • Blowers

  • Biology

  • MBR

  • External Lighting

  • Pumping Station


The WWTP SCADA System aims to:


  • monitor and control the operation of basic functions such as starting-up the installation, closing down the process, confirming emergency switch-off operations and restarting, etc.

  • supervise critical parameters, if this is not performed by means of locally installed systems

  • display the process on a flow diagram, especially:

  • warn against any approaching critical situations

  • disconnect and shut down in a safe manner parts of the installation in case of such critical situations

  • show and control the following information:

  • configuration of system and state of communications

  • current alarms, as well as list of previous alarms and events

  • instructions for rectifying errors in the facility

  • mimic diagrams

  • graphs

  • Management, i.e. activation and deactivation of the whole as well as particular parts of the WWTP.

  • documenting the operations of the installation including recording defects and any interferences with installation operating procedures.

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